The Best Vegan Desserts Whole Foods

Vegan desserts whole foods are loved by all, and no matter if you are a carnivore or an omnivore, you will be experiencing some sort of sweet tooth and Vegan desserts are best for that purpose! These Vegan desserts whole foods are easy and don’t need eggs, butter, or cream for creating something extraordinary.

Vegan Desserts Whole Foo

Just keep simple ingredients like coconut oil and maple syrup and you are done! Now, this can be surprising but you won’t be missing eggs or dairy a bit when you are having these heavenly desserts. Based on this, let’s discuss some of the best and healthy desserts in detail.

Some of the best and healthy desserts worth trying are:

1 – Blueberry Cake with Coconut Frosting

Now this delicious cake is a gluten-free option but comes with such an amazing texture that you won’t know it’s gluten-free until you are told about it. It is an awesome Vegan food made using fresh blueberries that are put onto the batter.

If you want, you can add little bursts of fruity touch that you will be getting in every bite of the Blueberry cake. The frosting is done using coconut yogurt and coconut cream, two combinations that are perfectly dreamy ones. The purple color is achieved with the blueberry powder to give it a unique Blueberry flavor and taste.

2 – Peanut Butter Banana cheesecake

It is a creamy cheesecake that you will fall in love with once you look at it. Peanut Butter Banana cheesecake is one of the 10 best Vegan desserts whole foods. It is made with three relishing elements, one being the cashew-based peanut butter filling that is put on top of a crust made of dates and almonds.

The finishing touch is a glazing topping made of homemade dark chocolate peanut butter, on top of which more peanut butter is drizzled, because why not?? You cannot get enough peanut butter!.

3 – Raw Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cake

Now, when talking about having raw chocolate, this is the best cake that you are going to taste. It is a dark chocolate pecan cake on top of which is a sweet and creamy caramel sauce with pecans decorating the whole cake. Now, is it possible for you to go wrong with pecans? It’s raw and Vegan desserts whole foods that is super healthy and gluten-free. All thanks to the pecans used in making it!.

4 – Apple Crumble

Baking something vegan sounds difficult but there are always apples to the rescue! The fruit crumbles are easy for preparing and they are gluten-free along with being vegan.

And the best part is the crumble is so healthy as there is no use of butter in it. These are the best Vegan desserts whole foods made using cinnamon and fresh ginger! The filling is so irresistible that you will want to have it as soon as you see it!.

5 – Chocolate Pudding

When you think of pudding, the one thing that comes to mind is the rich and creamy texture giving you the real thing. In fact, you can’t think of the 10 best Vegan desserts whole foods let alone chocolate pudding.

It is made with pure chocolate and the best part is there is nothing so rocket science in the making of Vegan chocolate pudding. Ever tried making pudding using avocados and tofu? This is a weird combination but works amazingly well! It is made using real ingredients giving the touch of traditional pudding to it.

6 – Easy Raspberry tarts

It is quite a smart technique of making tarts using simply four ingredients. You will just be needing sugar, puff pastry, berries, and lots of whipped cream! And when you are talking of making something vegan, choose whipped coconut cream or there is always the ready-made vegan whipped cream. These tarts are so soft and creamy that once you have them, you will feel like having more. just try these Vegan desserts whole foods

7 – Vegan lemon bars

Now if you are thinking of making lemon bars in a vegan style for your guests, you can make it in two ways. One method is using tofu for creating the firmness of the cake and traditional yeast flakes for giving it the color. Or for giving a more vegan style to it, make it using non-dairy milk and use turmeric powder for coloring purposes. Forgiving it a smooth feeling, silken tofu is the best option!.

8 – Vegan Cinnamon rolls

If the question arises that what can a Vegan Eat for dessert, then the answer to it is Cinnamon rolls. This recipe as one of our Vegan desserts whole foods is so versatile in the making that you just want few ingredients and you are done! You can use any type of flour for making these, like all-purpose or whole wheat pastry flour. And for the fat part, you can use oil or butter. But using a sugar-free sweetener is not going to help the yeast rise in any way. Keep it as simple as possible.

9 – Vegan Mango Smoothie

If you are looking for a perfect vegan recipe for a smoothie, this is the one! You will get more of a mango ice cream taste than a healthy smoothie and it tastes mouthwatering. Mango Vegan smoothie is a bright-colored yellow puree having a sweet flavor and creamiest texture! The icy texture suits the whole smoothie.

It was made by using so many mangoes, almond milk, and bananas. This is one ultimate retreat towards Vegan food.

10 – Chocolate breakfast recipe

Chocolate mixes well with almost every recipe but the best one of Vegan desserts whole foods  is peanut butter. Made using two ingredients, this breakfast smoothie is refreshing and cool.

Make sure of adding 100% natural peanut butter without the addition of sugar to it. The smoothie is anyway going to be sweet. Now, you can make use of cucumber in the smoothie as well as adding a filling taste providing a dose of vitamins and minerals.

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If you are creative and curious about cooking, it can be quite fun to cook your desired desserts vegan by yourself. Hence, Have a look at the above-mentioned desserts that can aid you to fulfill your desires for Vegan desserts.

These are some of the 10 Best Vegan desserts whole foods . Which one are you going to try making at your home?

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