The Best Vegan Salad Recipes

If you are looking for delicious vegan salad recipes, then you are going to love this post. At times, the daily food menu seems to be boring so we all want to eat something different but healthy. Salad recipes make the best difference in the menu at times like this.

We all want to eat Healthy Food and it should be appetizing. And, for vegan people, it should be vegan food and for vegetarians, it should be vegetarian food that makes them feel satisfied and full, and keep them energized.

Fortunately, salad recipes have earned the reputation of being delicious and healthy. Also, salads are considered the most and the best sources of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for good health.

My inspiration for making these easy salad recipes came after eating some salads at popular restaurants. This is something I like to share with everyone out there looking for Easy Winter Salad Recipes or Easy Summer Salad Recipes.

The following are Popular Easy Salad Recipes that are usually served for lunch or dinner meals for kids and all. Some salad ideas for kids are available in distinctive flavors and appearances. So, let’s try these Salad Ideas for Lunch and Salad Ideas for Dinner recipes.

1 – Vegan Potato Salad

vegan potato salad

It’s been long known that eating potatoes is good for health and this recipe is one of the best and easy potato salad recipes. It is a plant-based, dairy-free, egg-free, and protein-rich recipe and very easy to make.

When you want to add carbs to your diet then, this easy potato salad recipe will take your meal to the next level. This hearty, flavourful, vegetable-packed, and delicious Potato salad contains red or yellow boiled and peeled potatoes, red onion, bell pepper, celery, and other essential ingredients.

This salad idea for dinner is a good source of iron, calcium, carbs, vitamin c, and B6 and has a beneficial effect on the whole immune system.

This vegan potato salad is one of the most served and traveled salads because it always shows up at festivals, weddings, and reception functions. You can try it as one of the easy winter salad recipes and it works best on your bowel system when eaten cold.

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2 – Vegan Pasta Salad

Are you a vegetarian and love eating pasta too? There are endless ways to prepare healthy and delicious pasta recipes. This easy and delicious salad idea for lunch can be a good side dish or can be your complete meal as per your preferences. And, the cool thing about this vegan pasta salad is that everyone has their variation of it.

This quick and easy salad recipe is perfect for lazy summer meals and it is one of the best salad ideas for kids.

This easy vegan food needs gluten-free penne, sundried tomatoes, red pepper, coconut, balsamic vinegar, and other important ingredients including your favorite toppings. It uses all the ingredients that you think you can include as your favorite version. This recipe is very popular among kids and adults.

Pasta is perfect for you if you care about your cholesterol and looking for a low-sodium diet. It is lower in calories and carbs and high in nutrients and fiber. This vegan homemade salad idea can be a better choice for parties and functions. It is often served as a side dish but you can also have it as a whole meal. Try this easy summer salad recipe to enjoy with your friends and family.

3 – Chickpea Tuna Salad

Chickpea tuna salad is a great, fast, easy meal and it just happens to be good for you. If you are into seafood, you will love making this tuna salad recipe. This is the perfect and satisfying salad loaded with nutrients. You can add chickpeas, tuna steaks, bell pepper, lemon juice, garden herbs, green veggies, and your favorite toppings to create a variety of this fabulous easy winter salad recipe.

This healthy, filling, quick, and easy salad is perfect for lunch. Tuna and chickpeas are loaded with protein, high in fiber and protein, and Omega 3 filled. This salad idea for lunch is bright in flavors and its fresh ingredients are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, and its nutrients like calcium, iron, and phosphate are important for bone health.

Many people think that chickpeas may increase your weight but as a matter of fact, chickpeas are great for losing weight. Since chickpeas are loaded with fiber and tuna is also a healthy food- this salad will keep you feeling fuller all day long. This easy salad recipe is a powerhouse of nutrition and guaranteed to give you the fuel you need to get going through the rest of your days.

4 – Vegan Tuna Salad

Most people are trying to lose weight by eating salads on regular basis. However, many people don’t know that a salad can be bad and fattening if you are not careful with the ingredients.

Making the salad recipes the right way can help you cut calories and lose weight. This vegan tuna salad is made without real tuna and you can have it with toasted whole-grain bread.

The main ingredients you need for this salad are cooked beans, bell pepper, celery, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, mustard, salt, and pepper. This vegan tuna salad is one of the best salad ideas for kids because it gives them all the necessary nutrients.

There are plenty of salad ideas for lunch and salad ideas for dinner available out there that you can try preparing yourself to eat healthy and delicious. They all vary depending on their origin and culture. There are lots of food that are similar but vary in terms of specific ingredients and methods of preparation.

5 – Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is the easiest and simplest dish which can be made either as an appetizer or a main course. This broccoli salad is a perfect vegan food and fresh broccoli is its basic ingredient. You can easily add as many ingredients as you like to have as per your taste and preferences.

Broccoli can help you prepare various easy summer salad recipes to keep yourself healthy. It is a good source of calcium and vitamin K and has more nutritional values than any other of your favorite vegetable.

These nutrients are vital to maintaining strong and healthy bones. Broccoli can also help fight obesity-related diseases and its vitamin C is important to maintaining healthy skin and eyes.

This broccoli salad recipe is perfect for lunch, dinner, or a potluck meal for family or social functions. It is a very simple recipe, especially if you are just learning how to make salads.

It may not be a good salad idea for kids because generally kids don’t like to eat broccoli but this salad can be a great salad idea for dinner.

6 – Greek Salad

The Greek Salad is an exemplary Greek lunch enjoyed sitting in the sun and it evokes pleasant memories of fresh herbs, tasty tomatoes, and warm sunshine. If you are looking for something delectable, healthy, and fitness-friendly then definitely go for this easy winter salad recipe. It is a perfect vegetarian food for those who are not into meat and seafood.

It is a delicious winter dish and its main ingredients include juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, green and yellow bell pepper, red onion, cheese, and olives, with salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley for seasonings.

The crisp vegetables give it a fresh taste and make it the most fantastic salad with a fusion of colors. This Greek salad recipe is the best among the popular easy salad recipes to help with diet and health.

The vegetables used in this salad are lower in calories and help you lose weight. This salad provides you with a healthy dose of vitamin A and C, potassium, and iron. Its antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers. Try this delicious salad idea for lunch by using natural and delicate raw ingredients.

7 – Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad is the most popular of all the salads and a name fit for royalty. Its taste and texture help it to gain popular acceptance. It doesn’t taste like the healthiest food but it is the most loved salad.  This low-in fiber and high-in minerals salad is one of the best salad ideas for dinner and is perfect for any occasion in both summers and winters.

This vitamin K-rich salad is made of Romaine lettuce and Croutons which is dressed with eggs or chicken, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Caesar salads at restaurants can be loaded with exec calories and fat so try preparing and eating at home if you are health conscious. It can be an easy winter salad recipe that provides essential nutrients, fiber, and protein.

This Caesar salad can promote digestive health and boost energy. It is a high source of vitamin A and may have high-fat content in dressings.

You can modify the recipe by using beans in place of eggs or chicken and can use green veggies as dressing. This salad is one of the easy salad recipes.

8 – Cucumber Salad

This is the simplest salad made with only a few ingredients in little preparation time with fewer headaches. Cucumber is the most popular vegetarian food which is available almost everywhere.

It is a popular side dish among many nationalities and households called Cucumber salad and people generally want to integrate the crisp taste of a vegetable with a bit of saltiness.

Cucumbers are available all year round but are popular as an easy summer salad recipe because they can keep you hydrated in summer.

These are ideal for long and hot summer afternoons. Cucumbers are known as a good source of vitamin C, A, and K and are loaded with potassium. These are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They may aid in weight loss and lower blood sugar. Cucumbers are rich in nutrients and make the main part of the diet of any health-conscious person.

It can be the best salad idea for lunch and this delicious salad recipe takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare.

9 – Macaroni Salad

There is nothing like a cold macaroni salad on a hot summer day. Macaroni salads are, indeed, extremely delicious and are great not only for children’s snacks but for special occasions like Christmas. This salad idea for kids is just so delicious that you just can’t get enough of it. You can refrigerate it beforehand and take it to picnics to have as a quick snack.

There are some things you need to consider when making this easy summer salad recipe.  This recipe features wholegrain or gluten-free macaroni, dairy-free cheese, onions, bell peppers, your favorite dressing, and sour cream. The choice of veggies makes it a Balanced Diet. You can make experiments with the Macaroni salad by changing the ingredients.

Vegetarian food like macaroni salad provides Carbohydrates, glucose, and folic acids which are crucial fuels for your brain and muscles. It is low sodium and cholesterol-free and can also be an excellent source of selenium. Its minerals can aid in cardiovascular health.

10 – Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is probably one of the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest vegan foods in the world to make. Even a child can make their favorite fruit salad in no time at all. To have real bonding with your kids, you can involve them in the kitchen and have fun preparing their favorite salad. It can be a great salad idea for kids as a healthy snack.

A fruit salad can be your perfect dessert and who says healthy eaters can’t get their share of sweet treats? Fruits can be combined with green veggies to create a sweet and healthy dish that can be a unique dessert. It can be your easy winter salad recipe to enjoy at lunch or dinner times.

Fruit salad can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and prevent some types of cancers. It can lower the risk of eye, and digestive problems, and have a positive effect on blood sugar. Fruits also help keep your appetite in check and save you from over-eating. Try this healthy salad idea for dinner and let your body heal overnight.

11 – Caprese Salad

If you love gardening and growing tomatoes then you must be wondering what you can do with all the luscious tomatoes besides sending bags-full to your neighbor and friends. It’s simple, you can think of an easy salad recipe with tomatoes like Caprese salad. The name of this salad came from the Island Capri in Italy. The Caprese salad is one of the easiest and most delicious vegan foods to enjoy at the height of summer.

This salad can be your easy summer salad recipe because tomatoes are plentiful in summers and taste the best.

The quality of your salad is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. From farms to restaurants, all chefs focus on creating flavor and one thing is certain an ingredient can make a big difference. Fresh cherry tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella cheese, basil, salt, and pepper are the main ingredients of this salad.

The tomatoes and basil are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, serve strong anti-inflammatory properties, and are helpful in naturally preventing cancer, specifically lung, liver, skin, and oral cancer. You can try this salad idea for lunch and can refrigerate the leftovers to have later anytime.

12 – Egg Salad

There is nothing like a simple and good egg salad. Wondering how to make delicious and healthy egg salad? There are plenty of salad recipes available to share tips for making a great egg salad. If you care about the nature of salad ingredients then this salad can be one of the best and easy winter salad recipes.

If you are in the mood for a tasty salad then try the combination of hard-boiled eggs, mayo, sweet corn, lemon, and your favorite toppings. This combination has a high level of protein, choline, lutein, and vitamin B, and makes it a common salad idea for kids, adults, and seniors. Eggs can help in sustainable weight-loss, staple off breast cancer, and muscular degeneration while keeping the heart-healthy.

Eggs are loaded with so many healthy nutrients and you can try this salad idea for dinner to let your body use all the proteins all night long. You can also pack it for lunch with some crunchy crackers and roasted veggies.

13 – Vegan Salad Recipes: Waldorf Salad

Waldorf salad is indeed an unusual salad enjoyed by many people of different nationalities. And if you are a fan of this Waldorf salad, you may not wish to consider the alternatives. This Salad Recipe will awaken your tongue’s senses as it should experience the sweet taste of a pear, apple, and brown sugar and the sour taste of yogurt, dried cranberries, and grapes all at once.

The fresh, sweet, and nutty taste is the most interesting thing about the vegan homemade salad idea. This salad is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a lactose-free and gluten-free recipe. This vegetarian food is an excellent salad idea for lunch on long summer days and can be part of any healthy diet.

This salad improves the bacteria in the gut and provides a metabolic change in the intestine and also has several health benefits. Apples and pears are said to help lower the level of cholesterol and provide Vitamin C to boost immunity. If you’ve never tried this classic salad, maybe it’s time to try this salad idea for dinner on your Christmas holidays.

14 – Vegetable Salad Recipes: Cobb Salad

Cobb salad comes in different variations but the one you try as per your taste and preferences proves to be the winner. This easy salad recipe is a kind of garden salad whose main ingredients include vegetables, Romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, chives, and season with your favorite toppings.

Notice it is vegan food – a healthier alternative to the classic Cobb salad as the chicken, bacon, and eggs have been omitted. It is a low-carb and gluten-free salad and has quite an array of nutrients and lots of protein and healthy fats.

If you try this as an easy summer salad recipe with traditional ingredients then it will be a sneaky calorie bomb because of cheese, bacon, and chicken. So, you are suggested to omit all these heavy items if you are watching your weight and calories.

15 – Vegan Salad Recipes: Taco Salad

Taco salad is a colorful, crunchy, and tasty Mexican salad and it can be a good salad idea for kids and all family members. There are several taco salad versions available because this is a versatile salad. You could add your favorite ingredients to this vegan homemade salad idea and make your version of taco salad.

If you make this salad recipe at home, then use all the fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, beans, sour cream, and seasoning and make a good quantity. You will soon realize that the salad bowl empties soon and your kids and other family members will ask for more. You can have this salad idea for lunch for your friends and family.

Taco salad is a healthy and easy winter salad recipe that is a low-carb, flavourful, and filling meal. Avocados used in this salad are rich in vitamin B6, C, E, K, folate, and omega 3 fatty acids and help in boosting immunity. You can also try it in the summers and use plain yogurt and fat-free cheese. Also, use gluten-free taco shells and tortillas.

16 – Avocado Salad

Do you like Avocados? How about having an easy salad recipe with avocados? Yes, it is right. This salad makes a delicious starter or snack and you can blend this salad with different vegetables to make it delicious and flavourful.

This vegan homemade salad idea can be a great dinner entree to satisfy and impress your guests.

Avocados are a super-food and you should include them in your weekly diet plans. Make this nutritious Vegan food on the week-end serve it quick for busy and lazy after-work nights throughout the week. You can try this salad idea for dinner if you are watching your health and prefer to eat light after sunset.

It is one of the best easy salad recipes that a whole family can relish. Avocados give you fresh antioxidant power that can detoxify your body immediately, and speed up recovery from illness. Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids, fiber, and their incredible nutrition help in controlling your diabetic diet and slow aging.

17 – Quinoa Salad

If you want to eat Quinoa most familiarly then follow a simple Salad recipe and enjoy. You can make a batch of this salad and refrigerate it for 2-3 days to have later. It is an easy summer salad recipe that your kids and other family members will love to enjoy at lunch or dinner time or as quick snack bites. It is an excellent food for your health.

You can add black beans, bell peppers, mango, corn, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, lemon juice, and olive oil to make the perfect Quinoa Salad. It can be a great salad idea for kids to let them enjoy the vegetables for their growing health.

This vegetarian food is very nutritious and high in fiber and its low Glycemic index is good for blood sugar control. Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods that are good for healthy bones. And, it can be a great vegan homemade salad idea for diabetic people because black Quinoa is naturally sweeter and earthier and it controls the natural blood sugar.

18 – Nicoise Salad

People who are die-hard fans of Nicoise salad knows that this salad recipe contains only raw vegetable which makes it a completely vegetarian food. No cooked green vegetables and no boiled potatoes no cooked vegetables whatsoever are used in this salad. Prepare this easy summer salad recipe with raw and fresh ingredients available in the market.

This authentic version of vegan homemade salad idea needs tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, spring onion, garlic, and other supportive ingredients like vinegar, salt, pepper, and garnishes. All these fresh and uncooked ingredients make this Nicoise Salad a delightful vegan food dish. People also use tuna steaks in this salad but I think these steaks may spoil these lovely fresh ingredients.

The fresh and uncooked ingredients make it light, tasty, and one of the easy salad recipes. And, you can try this salad idea for lunch for a flavourful lunch and can enjoy it at dinner times as a salad idea for dinner. It is rich in nutrients a salad that is good for digestive health and boosts immunity to fight against certain diseases. It can be a good salad idea for kids for their growing health

19 – Vegan salad: Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas are perfect vegan food because they make an excellent replacement for meat in vegetarian and vegan dishes. The chickpea salad can be an easy summer salad recipe and are great for anyone looking for a quick snack. This salad needs only 5-10 minutes to prepare.

Chickpeas are high in protein and a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and offer lots of nutrition for relatively fewer calories. This vegan homemade salad idea with chickpeas may offer a variety of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of several diseases, improving digestion, and aiding weight management.

This easy winter salad recipe is good for any health-conscious person and is a well-balanced nutritious diet. You can use your favorite green leafy vegetables and red onions, lemon, and bell peppers as per your taste. Chickpeas contain Vitamin B9 and folate which makes them good for proper brain and muscle development.

20 – Spinach Salad

There are lovely ways to plant green vegetables in your backyard or the kitchen garden and growing spinach is one of the easiest plants. And, spinach is another great vegetarian food ingredient that makes an excellent addition to salads. If you want to make healthy and tasty food then this easy salad recipe will be the best option for you.

If you are looking for a healthy and nutritious dish to go with lunch or dinner, then this vegan homemade salad idea with spinach will do wonders. You can add baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon, and other your favorite items for dressing and can serve it with your favorite fresh juice.

This easy winter salad recipe is good for all ages people because this nutritional punch is low in calories, boosts immunity, and strengthens bones. Spinach is rich in essential nutrients that help in keeping the brain young and healthy and certainly does a lot of good to your health.

The above recipes are a delightful collection of the most popular easy salad recipes that will keep you healthy and satisfied with your meal. If you try the above salad recipes once at a restaurant or your friend’s place, then you will get fond of particularly the Vegan Homemade Salad Ideas.

You would surely like to go home and try and re-create these easy salad recipes without knowing the ingredients properly. I’ll suggest you try it. It is a fun way to see just how delicious and healthy these vegan food and vegetarian food ideas can be.

Keep reading and make yourself a Vegan Homemade Salad Ideas expert. And, satisfy your sensitive taste buds with these popular easy salad recipes.

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