Easy Potato Salad with Spring Onions and Chives

For potato lovers, an Easy Potato Salad recipe with Spring Onions and Chives mixed with flavourful spices and toppings creates a huge mishmash.

The potato eaters love all the potato dishes albeit with some modifications to make them less fatty, more flavorful, and tasty.

If you truly like eating potatoes then this is one of the potato salad recipes that you will make often. This potato salad will take a while to prepare but you need this time to prepare everything perfectly before serving it.


This potato salad recipe features a few ingredients. Let’s get a quick look at the list.

  • Yellow Potatoes – Boiled, Peeled, and Diced
  • Spring Onion – Finely Chopped
  • Bunch of Chives – Finely Chopped
  • Cream or Mayo – To Mix
  • Salt and Pepper – As per Taste
  • Other associate ingredients like olive oil and mustard
  • Preferred Garnishes

All these ingredients make the process of preparing this potato salad fairly easy. This enriched with flavors salad is itself a complete meal and tastes best when served warm. You will surely love the mustard, mayonnaise, and spring onion combination in this potato salad recipe for dinner.

Making this salad is an easy way to work in a lot more nutrition. And, all the ingredients are so simple that you will always find them fresh in the market. You can even grow potatoes, spring onions, and chives in your backyard or on a rooftop garden in pots.

Potatoes offer a solid source of starch and chives are used medicinally and spring onions taste different from red onions. And if we use all of them in a single dish called potato salad recipe with spring onion and chives, it will surely give you the amazing taste and great health benefits.

Potato is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of ways. This is the best potato salad recipe to serve at dinner time.

You can think of experimenting with potatoes to make your favorite potato salad recipes. It is because; potatoes easily adapt to too many flavors and methods of cooking. You can try a variety of recipes with potatoes with a minimum of added ingredients and basic ways of preparation.

The rich flavors and colorful toppings of this potato salad with spring onions and chives make it a fun and delicious meal for the kids.


Chives are a great source of vitamin K and folate which are important for bone health and help in preventing blood clotting. And potato skin is a good source of fiber so you can use the potato without peeling because.

Just wash them finely and cut them into chunks before boiling or can be boiled as a whole without peeling. The use of chives and spring onion gives a healthy makeover to this potato salad recipe for dinner.

This dinner can be an all-year-round favorite and easy to make. You can serve this potato salad with your favorite toppings and side drinks. It ensures yumminess every time it is served. This delicious potato salad recipe for dinner will do a great job as a satisfying meal.

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