Easy Low Calorie Meals for Women

Best 10 Low-Calorie Meals For Women

Easy Low Calorie Meals for Women

We all know that easy low calorie meals are one of the major survival things for human beings. Every person wants their food to be tasty, but people are using some artificial ingredients to make their food tasty. So, it is very tough to live a healthy life by eating tasty and spicy food.

to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for weight loss as well as women have to eat low-calorie meals. Because people find that low-calorie food isn’t tasty. So after reading this article about the best 10 easy low calorie meals for women, you will get to know about the tasty & easy low calorie meals.

The recipes will be so easy and quick so that you can easily prepare them in no time. So let’s check out the recipes one by one:

1 – Cottage cheese

easy low calorie meals
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Cottage cheese has very low calories and is also healthy for health. It is a very quick recipe and you just take 2 to 3 min to make it. The best thing is that you can take it as breakfast, or to fulfill food craving at midnight. It’s very delicious and healthy.

Cut a banana into long slices. And then spread cottage cheese on it. Pour chocolate syrup or mixed fruit syrup on it. Garnish it with flax seeds and chopped walnuts. And the quick cottage cheese meal is ready. It is one of the best easy low calorie meals for women.

2 – Lean meat

Lean meat
Lean meat

Lean meat is the best option and easy low calorie meals if you’re searching for low carb breakfast. As we are providing you easy and quick recipes you can easily make them in no time.

You can simply make a salad of lean meat, onion, tomato, corn, egg, spinach, and then add salt and black pepper to it. But if you’re not eating salad then simply make a burger and put roasted lean meat in it.

3 – Goldenberry

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Let us tell you that golden berry is the  easy low calorie meals fruit. It is a fruit which you can use in any dish.

You can simply put golden berries in your dinner or breakfast salad. You can also put it on the pancakes or any other dish for garnishing. It tastes good if you put an extra layer of golden berries in your sandwich.

4 – Popcorn


Popcorn is the perfect low-calorie meals to eat for low calories. You can eat flavored popcorn if you get bored with normal popcorn.

All you have to do is just melt the flavored product like you can melt butter or chocolate and then mix popcorn with it. It’s so simple and easy. Also, you can take it at any time.

5 – Potato salad or potato soup

Potato salad or potato soup
Potato salad or potato soup

Potato is the perfect vegetable to add to a low carb breakfast. You can add boiled sliced potato into any salad as it perfectly tastes with onion, spinach, berries, tomato, cucumber, etc.

If you’re a soup lover, then you can make potato soup. The directions for potato soup is making a thin batter of milk and flour and then put it on the stove. Stir it until it gets thicker then add butter, salt, and black pepper. Then after a few minutes add sliced boiled potato into it. And the potato soup is ready. It is the best low carb breakfast as well.

6 – Pufferfish

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Pufferfish are good for a healthy meal. You can simply roast it and roll around meatballs and then sprinkle pepper, salt, flakes over it. Instead of it, you can put a slice of pufferfish into your sandwich. If you’re a pizza lover, then add pufferfish as toppings over your pizza. It will give you delicious flavored and smell as well.

7 – Greek yogurt

low-calorie meals
Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is used in almost every easy healthy recipe. You can easily add it with anything like salad, burger, or various kinds of dips for dishes. It’s the healthiest thing that is used to take dips for recipes.

You can use it too for a low-calorie breakfast. All you have to do is just make a regular salad and then add Greek yogurt in it and sprinkle a few dry fruits, salt, and pepper over it. Or you can use Greek yogurt to make filling for your sandwich. Just add salt, pepper, mayo into it and then place it over the bread and put some cheese, veggies on it. And the Greek yogurt sandwich is ready.

8 – Overnight oats

Overnight oats
Overnight oats

Oats are the best option for low-calorie food. And if you soaked oats overnight then its goodness gets doubled. You can make various easy healthy meals with it.

You can simply add milk and berries to it. You can eat them with peanut butter as well. You can simply make a shake of soaked oats and bananas. It is super delicious and healthy as well.

9 – Gooseberries


Gooseberries are the best option for eating low-calorie meals. If you’re an ice cream lover, then add gooseberries to it. As it is not liked by everyone and people find it too difficult to eat gooseberries.

To make ice cream of gooseberries you have to do the following steps:

Initially, you have to make a puree of gooseberries, sugar, and water by putting it on the heat stove. And then mix the gooseberries with them to make it thick and then sieve it to get rid of the lumps, pips, etc.

The second step you have to take is to mix the sugar, vanilla, and egg until it gets pale. Heat the milk and cream below the boiling temperature and then mix the mixture of sugar, vanilla, and egg into it. Wait until it gets completely mixed. Cool it and then add the puree of gooseberries into it. And place it in the refrigerator until it gets solid.

10 – Watermelon


Watermelon is the best fruit to take as a easy low calorie meals breakfast. You can eat it simply or can make a dish with it. Like you can add it into your salad or use it as toppings or for garnishing in your dishes. It fulfills the scarcity of water in your body as well.


Burning calories doesn’t mean you need to constantly feel unsatisfied or hungry among meals. Having a wide range of filling foods with less fiber and protein can resist carvings and reduce hunger to lose weight at ease.

Combined with a perfect diet and active lifestyle, the above-mentioned foods can make your day as per your desires. a lot of tips on Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit talking about the same subject and the importance of the best easy  low calorie meals for women to keep their health in all the worlds.

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