The Best Healthy Vegan Recipes you must try

15 Healthy Vegan Recipes

Are you a true vegan who has never touched meat in your entire life? These Healthy Vegan Recipes are designed only for you for performing that magic trick or charm in your lives that you have always been waiting for!

Starting from veg Lasagna to creamy soups and cheesy macs, these vegan recipes are truly worth it and you must try these out without any hesitance. Thinking that making healthy foods require tons of time in the kitchen? Well, it is not the case as you can cook healthy foods even in 15 minutes, just the way you have always planned! So, let’s start and try out these tasty Vegan recipes that are too simple to prepare!!.

Vegan recipes breakfast

Vegan Recipes Breakfast Vegan Recipes Breakfast[/caption]

Well, Yes! It’s possible to have a plate full of all breakfast classics like scrambled eggs, pancakes, and waffles also without a hint of eggs or dairy present in it!. These are simple Vegan brunches that make up your day. You can try out so many outstanding recipes like oatmeals, smoothies, granola, etc.

1 – Healthy Vegan Recipes Vegan Breakfast Burritos

This is a Healthy Vegan Recipes filled with loads of potatoes, mushrooms, and peppers and is a protein-packed breakfast. These are quite hearty and savory with the taste of avocados, beans, and mushrooms giving it a crispy nature. The roasted potatoes are so crispy and super fulfilling. Add in whole cumin, paprika, salt, and onion powder for taste.

You can make use of sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. These are soy-free, and gluten-free making them a classic hit among vegan eaters. A creamy sauce is all you need with this Vegan food and you are ready to start your mornings!.

2 – Vegan Pancakes

Vegan pancakes are so light and fluffy with their preparations taking just 8-10 minutes. These are quite delicious and healthy that you can customize according to your likes. It is one of the best vegan recipes for breakfast made from whole wheat flour. You can add in all your favorite toppings like bananas, maple syrup, or even vegan butter for that extra yummy taste.

Pancakes are best served fresh but you can keep them under freeze for 4-5 days and then have it also. Prepare the batter with the right balance of water and cook it for 2 minutes until both sides are golden brown. You can use pink salt also for enhancing the flavors.

3 – Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins

It’s a super Healthy Vegan Recipe breakfast delight that once you taste, you will not be able to leave! These are super soft muffins and having them warm is the best thing. And for keeping them fresher, use maple syrup instead of white sugar.

While making this Vegan breakfast food, you will be using nut butter and mashed bananas instead of eggs. After combining all the ingredients, add in the dry ingredients, and mix them.

Bake and make these mouthwatering muffins! And as for the flour part, you can make use of any gluten-free 1-1 flour.

4 – Vegan Cream Cheese

Cheese is one of the definite items that vegans miss a lot but making amazing Vegan cream cheese at home is so much easier. It requires just 2 ingredients in its preparations and you are done… yogurt and salt! You can add in other ingredients as per your likings like seeds, spices, nuts, herbs, etc. It tastes so good and is healthy becoming the real deal!

In our list of Healthy Vegan Recipes Feel free to use any non-dairy yogurt for its making and depending on the consistency of the same, you can keep it in the fridge for a shorter or longer time. Add more salt if you require it!

5 – Ingredient Vegan crepes

These Healthy Vegan Recipes are made only using 3 ingredients and these crepes are gorgeous. You can make it sweet or savory as per your wish! Mix ground flaxseed meal with hot water instead of the egg part. Take some four and add flax egg and soy milk. These crepes are so thin served with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, and lemon juice.

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