Easy Potato Salad with Bacon

Do you like potatoes? Have you ever tried potato salad with bacon? If not, realize it can be endlessly varied and its variations can make anyone passionate about potato salad recipes.

Potatoes have been around for ages and come in many varieties and work well with other vegetables and prepare so many different foods.

For potato lovers, a potato salad with bacon mixed with red onion, sweet corn, and baby spinach makes a great combination.

This potato salad recipe will not take long to prepare but all you need is a perfect time to prepare everything perfectly. You can have this potato salad recipe for dinner to have a good night’s sleep. It is very simple to prepare a potato salad with a bacon recipe.


  • Your favorite red or yellow boiled, peeled, and diced potato
  • Bacon
  • Red or sweet peeled and minced onion
  • Cream and mayo for dressings
  • Preferred toppings like sweet corn
  • Parsley and coriander and basil leaves
  • Other essential ingredients like salt, and pepper to prepare this potato salad recipe.

This is a super versatile dish and you can add as many ingredients based on what you enjoy the most. Just kick start your amazing imagination and you are on a way to enjoying a delicious potato salad. It is a good idea for cooking enthusiasts to vary their cooking strategies.

You can try a variety of potato salad recipes because the options for using potatoes are almost limitless. Potatoes are also kids-friendly and you can prepare so many tasty and healthy dishes for your kids using potatoes and other fresh ingredients.

Potatoes are considered very healthful and flavorful and you can try so many different foods with them including potato salad.

Potatoes are also known as more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable. We all know that potatoes are good for health because they are loaded with nutrients including vitamin c, potassium, and fiber.

Potatoes are also fat and cholesterol-free and can have beneficial effects on your body’s immune system. And, if you want to gain weight then you can add oily dressings, mayonnaise, cream, and fried bacon to fatten up your potato salad with bacon and enjoy maintaining your health and muscles.

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It is easy and interesting to prepare this potato salad recipe for dinner with a combination of fresh ingredients. This salad tastes incredible when warm. However, you can chill it in the refrigerator and serve it cold as per your taste and preferences.

Your family and friends will love this simple and amazingly delicious potato salad with bacon. It is a great salad dish for outdoor events and packed lunch boxes. Leftovers can be stored in containers in refrigerators for up to 2-3 days to enjoy later.

If you make this potato salad recipe for dinner ahead of time, be sure to give it a good toss before serving. Mixing it will help redistribute all of that yummy dressings. It is well-known comfort food that is healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare.

Try different techniques and keep experimenting with potatoes from time to time. Serve it with your favorite toppings, sauces, and a glass of fresh juice. Nothing can beat a fresh potato salad.

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