Vegan Deserts Pros and Cons


  1. No animals are harmed in the making of vegan desserts.
  2. They tend to be lower in fat and calories than their non-vegan counterparts.
  3. They’re cholesterol-free.
  4. Vegan desserts are often made with whole, unprocessed ingredients.
  5. Many people say they taste just as good as non-vegan desserts.


  1. Vegan desserts can be more expensive than non-vegan desserts.
  2. They may contain unfamiliar ingredients, such as tofu or avocado.
  3. They may not be as widely available as non-vegan desserts.
  4. Some people believe that vegan desserts don’t taste as good as non-vegan desserts.
  5. Veganism is a dietary restriction, so some people may feel deprived when they can’t have a vegan dessert

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Written by womfood

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