Vegan Recipe Ideas For New Moms

Let’s dig into the top 10 vegan recipe ideas for new moms, it’s not easy being a mom especially when you are following a specific diet.

Being a vegan and living a gluten-free life is sometimes frustrated because of the lesser vegan food ideas,  And it becomes even more difficult when new moms are on a Vegan Diet.

1 – Vegan Lentil Stew

For new moms, this vegan lentil stew is one of the best vegan protein sources. Let’s make this super delicious and filling new mom’s vegan recipe.

  • Put a large pot on medium heat with 2 cups of lentils, your favorite veggies, 4 cloves of garlic, and edible oil you prefer.
  • Stir 2-3 minutes without water to bring out the nutty flavor
  • Add 1 portion of tomato paste until well-combined with the ingredients
  • Add veggies, water, salt, and pepper (as per need) – cover the lid, and bring to a boil
  • Check after a boil and turn the heat to simmer – let it sit for 45 minutes to be ready to serve

There is nothing better than this lentil stew vegan recipe for new moms. You can try it even daily and will never get sick of it.

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